Our Approach

We believe in creating holistic solutions in all our areas of activity in order to improve and upgrade the quality of life and performance of our customers over time

Our Story

More than 20 years ago, a family business was established with the goal of providing logistical solutions to local authorities. Today, after extensive experience, the company has expanded into an international business that provides solutions in agriculture, telecommunications and project management to countries all over the world.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of a selection of experts in agriculture, telecommunications and project management. With years of experience our professionals provide the most accurate solutions and always with a smile

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Yoni Pielet

Founder & CFO

Yoni is one of the founders of the company.
He holds a B.S Degree in civil engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and is now a real estate entrepreneur.
Since 2005, he has been involved in varied construction and infrastructure projects in the US and has extensive experience in the field. תמונה מני לאתר

Meni Eytan


Meni is one of the founders of the company, which is a descendant of a family of merchants from Portugal. He has over a decade of project-operations experience, during which he was responsible, among other things, for the coordination and optimization of large-scale ICT and IT projects. He has significant experience and knowledge in streamlining and improving service operations and project pricing.
Meni holds a BA in East Asian Studies and a LLM (Master of Laws). He is married to Ricky and they have three boys. Kien Dao

Kien Dao

Asia Marketing Manager

Kien holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration at Valparaiso University in Indiana and possesses vast experience in the international trade of technical equipment and merchandise for both the public and private sectors. He is based in Hanoi, Vietnam and is actively involved in sourcing suppliers and buyers all over the world. His deal size ranges from several hundred-thousand to multi-million-dollar in total value.

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Yuval Cohen 


Yuval manages an array of projects ensuring delivery on time  and on budget.  Yuval was the Chief Compliance Officer with Power Group Resources a global rare minerals manufacturing company with operations in Macedonia, Slovenia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Guinea Bissau responsible for supply chain, logistics OHSE and ISO. Prior to this, Yuval was the Performance and Abuse Control and Security Manager for Feni Industries,-BSGR, Kavadarci, FYROM Global metallurgical leader manufacturing ferronickel for stainless steel. He holds a Bachelor of Law (LL.B). He lives in the Ivory Coast, married to Michal and they have two boys.